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About Us

Created in 1999, direction has proven itself to be a leader in the national street & guerilla marketing industry. Since then, streetmarketing has developed from its humble beginnings in punk rock DIY into a full-fledged segment of alternative marketing.

Our central role in the development of this industry has allowed us to come to understand the nuances that exist in every facet of this business. The key to our growing presence lies in our faith in the original principle that accountability is everything. direction has demonstrated its abilities time and time again with a variety of clients in a number of circumstances.

direction has evolved into a service-oriented streetmarketing company whose fundamental goal is to make our client’s lives a bit simpler. By managing the secondary event elements, our clients are allowed more time with brand clients and pertient account details.

direction actively operates in markets across the country and is growing to the furthest most reaches of the event marketing world. We continue to strive to serve our clients better by utilizing a nationwide network of streetmarketing experts and years of event experience.

On The Blog

38th Annual American Spanish Dance & Music Festival

June 10

The elegance and passion of Spain’s dance, music and culture is showcased in the 38th American Spanish Dance & Music Festival, Wednesday, June 11 through Sunday, June 22.  Each year this popular Festival attracts thousands of cultural fans from around the world to experience “Spain in America” with the Ensemble

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Melissa Etheridge @ CSO

June 10

Melissa Etheridge usually performs with musicians well-versed in the rhythms of rock ’n’ roll. But for her next appearance in Chicago, the iconic rock star has chosen as her backing band a group of musicians more familiar with the intricacies of Beethoven and Brahms. Joined by members of the Chicago Symphony

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