direction tour marketing + promotion

Chicago History Museum

  • retail streetmarketing
  • specialty streetmarketing
  • hand-to-hand streetmarketing
  • handbill printing
  • poster printing
  • event management
  • college campus distribution

When people visit Chicago, they want to see the usual tourist spots: Navy Pier, the Art Institute, etc.  Chicago History Museum is for people that live in the city, or want to see the Not For Tourist side of things.  More than just a museum, CHM offers a plethora of exciting events, from film screening to live speaking engagements, to pub-crawls, they make history fun for all. 

Another one of our regular clients, CHM is an organization that we work with extensively, distributing their calendars of monthly events all over the city.  In addition, we executed an activation on voting day, giving away free cups of coffee and pastries promoting the opening of their North and Clark Café.

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