direction tour marketing + promotion

Million Dollar Quartet

  • retail streetmarketing
  • specialty streetmarketing
  • hand-to-hand streetmarketing
  • cross promotional event distributions
  • handbill printing
  • poster printing
  • event management

Four years ago, when we were first asked to distribute posters for a new show Million Dollar Quartet, we were very intrigued by the origins of the story.  We could have never imagined immense popularity of the show, and that it would go on to Broadway and nominated for several Tony awards.  Now in it’s fifth year, the show is still going strong at the Apollo Theater.

For us, summer has officially arrived once we receive our MDQ distribution materials.  No doubt you have seen our staff at Bluesfest, Jazzfest, Taste of Chicago, and every other street festival distributing the guitar shaped hand fans.  This past year, we also gained the use of a swagged out Million Dollar Quartet Mini Cooper that we took to Brookfield Zoo, and tooled around in on Election Day visiting various polling stations distributing “I Rocked the Vote” stickers.  MDQ has proven to be a resilient client we are proud to work with.

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