direction tour marketing + promotion

Museum of Contemporary Art

  • specialty streetmarketing
  • retail streetmarketing
  • hand-to-hand streetmarketing
  • handbill printing
  • poster printing
  • college campus distribution
  • route development

The MCA has been a staple of Chicago’s vibrant art scene for over 40 years, featuring exhibits from world-renowned artists, and hosting multimedia events such as ResFest. The MCA is an institution that always has something in the works.  From exhibitions to their summer jazz series as well as Family Days, we help them get the word out about all their events.

We’ve done several unique distributions with the MCA in addition to retail streetmarketing, including distributing MCA magnets to attendees at the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and creating specialty routes for their monthly programming.  One of the newer programs we helped promote was the Teen Creative Agency which takes 15-19 year olds who are interested in engaging with the MCA, and has them document their creative experiences over a two year period.

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